Raquef Apparels Washing & Packaging Industry Ltd.
Garment Manufacturer - Bangladesh
Company Profile

Our Company is specialized in producing various kinds of garments. Our product range includes denim shorts, jeans skirts, mens wear, ladies wear, children wear etc. We export our goods in USA, UK, Germany, Italy and Sweden.

Nature Of Company : Proprietary

Sales Turnover : 15 Million USD

Production Capacity : 150,000 Pieces Per Month

Year Estd : 1983

No. Of Employees : 1300

Business Id Number : N.A.

Products : Mens Wear, Children Wear, Skirt, Shorts, Denim Wear, Jeans, Jacket, Trouser, Ladies Wear

Export Market : Europe

Brand Name : Denim

Main Business Area : garment manufacturer

Other Area Of Business : manufacturer of garment