Xiliu Garment Group
Garment Manufacturer - China
Company Profile

Xiliu Garment Group is situated inside Xiliu Town, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province. Xiliu Garment City has become the currently largest cotton garment wholesale market in China, which mainly specializes in distributing more than 20 categories and over 20000 kinds of commodities including cotton piece goods, clothes, knitting, small articles of daily use, shoes and hats. Our mainly products are T-shirt, jeans, jacket, outer wear, pants etc. We have been successfully distributed to such countries and regions as Russia, Mongolia, Korea, South Africa, etc. Xiliu Garment City welcomes an average of 10000 people each day with the average daily business volume of more than 40 million Yuan. Thanks to the superior quality, low price, brand new style and numerous varieties, the products here enjoy a great popularity in Northeast and North China. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

Nature Of Company : Private Limited

Sales Turnover : N.A.

Year Estd : 1995

Products : Shirt, T-shirts, Trouser, Windbreakers, Uniforms, Casual Wear, Coat, Jacket, Jeans, Ladies Wear, Mens Wear, Polo shirt

Export Market : Asia pacific

Main Business Area : garment manufacturer

Other Area Of Business : manufacturer of accessory , dealer of accessory , manufacturer of garment , garment stocklot dealer